Singtel Telephony

Are you looking for a cost-effective telephony solution?

Discover the whole suite of services which will benefit your business. Whether you are creating an online start up business, setting up a new office or expanding your workforce on multiple sites, we offer telephony solutions for businesses of any size.


  • ISDN seamlessly connects your PBX, fax and video conferencing equipment to the public switch telephony network. It allows direct reach to individual extensions by external parties and also supports call-centre functions.

    Recommended for businesses with:
    - A single site & Head quarter with branches
    - Video conferencing, PBX, and fax requirements

  • Singtel Business Voice

  • i-PhoneNet hosts features of a traditional PBX telephony system on a cloud without any upfront cost. Enjoy free intra-office calls and the flexibility to attend calls anywhere, anytime. Phone lines are subscription-based and each staff will have their own.

    Recommended for businesses with:
    - Multiple sites
    - Staff travelling overseas
    - No in-house support to manage phone system

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  • Phone Systems

  • Looking to upgrade or purchase a new phone system for all your communications needs? Our phone system may just be the right solution for your needs.

    Recommended for businesses with:
    - Needs to upgrade existing phone system to support productivity & scalability
    - Employees sharing a limited number of phone lines in office
    - Needs for IP phones / SIP phones connectivity
    - Requirements to access to door phone/ systems

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