SingNet Fibre Broadband

SingNet Fibre Broadband delivers affordable bandwidth and ultra-high-speed internet connectivity. With a dedicated fibre network for business use, there will be no sharing of bandwidths with home and mobile users. This means faster connections and seamless communications to increase your business productivity!

In addition, you can now choose the right SingNet Biz WiFi package for your business. Wi-Fi provides extra value to your customers and is a great way to bring more people through your doors and keep them coming back. SingNet Biz WiFi provides hassle-free hotspot services that enable you to offer free public WiFi to your customers without worrying about end-user support and hardware maintenance.

Fibre Broadband Plans

eVolve (Dynamic IP) starts from $99.00/mth

Biz WiFi eVolve (Dynamic IP) starts from $190.46/mth

eLite (Static IP) starts from $179.00/mth