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Free unlimited Singtel WiFi usage for a limited period
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Typical range of download speeds that a user can experience 80% of the time is 7.5Mbps - 70Mbps, Typical download speed that a user can experience 80% of the time on the Huawei E5786 Mifi is 15Mbps - 140Mbps. For more details on typical download speed range, please go to Bundled data is only applicable for local data access and cannot be used to offset SMS, MMS or BlackBerry charges. 4G excess data usage is charged at the prevailing rate of $10.70/GB and capped at $188/mth for unlimited usage. The download speed of the individual price plan will be limited to 64kbps if the monthly local data bundle is exceeded at any time during the customer's monthly bill cycle. The speed limit will be lifted at the start of the next bill cycle. All prices include 7% GST. For full details on Service Terms and Conditions, visit Not applicable with any other Mobile BroadBand promotions. Singtel reserves the right to amend, change or withdraw any terms and conditions without prior notice. Service Terms and Conditions apply.

Typical range of download speed that the user can experience 80% of the time over a 24-hour period at various locations with 4G outdoor coverage, including Orchard, City Hall and Shenton Way. If a user moves out of 4G to 3G coverage, he/she will experience a typical download speed range of 1.7Mbps to 4.8Mbps, 80% of the time. The speed range may vary between users and is subject to device used, hardware and software limitations, network coverage/traffic, distance between user and base station, nature of built-up area, source of website, and other external factors.

Singtel WiFi: Singtel WiFi is currently available only with selected smartphones and tablets. Promotion of free unlimited Singtel WiFi usage is for Combo Mobile BroadBand plan subscribers will be further extended until 31 March 2017. From 1 April 2017, Combo Mobile BroadBand plan subscribers will enjoy free 2GB Singtel WiFi bundle. Any usage in excess of this free bundle will be deducted from the Customer's regular local data bundle. Prevailing excess charges and monthly bill cap apply after customer has exceeded the free local data bundle.